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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 3, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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acceptance. >> sean: what about the free speech legal aspect? >> unfortunately, democracy is -- that's what we have this country. -- we have in this country. you are a better lawyer than i am andrew. >> sean: repeat that again. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: you throwing the ball out? >> i'm going to do it. >> sean: to me, over there. >> greta: don't kid yourself, things are getting really ugly in wisconsinç. some even warn handcuffs are coming. republicans are ratcheting up the pressure on the missing democrats. what was just said that is going to make those missing democrats unhappy. plus the architect of this new tactic against those missing 14. state senate majority leader is here.
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first, no one should be denying this one. war in mexico. right now mexico's president calderon is in the united states meeting with president obama at the white house. a short time ago both faced the press corp. mexico is not the only country consuming everyone's attention. there is libya. for the first time, president obama publicly saying libya's leader muammar qadhafi has to go. senator mccain is here live. good evening you are just back from 12 days of traveling around that region. let's start with libya. what should we be doing? >> i think we should be imposing a no-fly zone. we should be trying to provide humanitarian aid. i think covert aid is obviously something we should seriously consider. the people of libya are being massacred, as we speak. one of the world's most brutal
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dictators has promised to set everything on fire. so, i want to focus if i could on no-fly zone. what that means is, we want to prevent qadhafi from using his helicopters and airplanes from killing libyans. i think we can do it. i think we should do it. if the united states' policy is articulated by the president today and the secretary of state that qadhafi must go. it seems to me that we should prevent and take steps to prevent from qadhafi from being able to continue to kill people from the air. >> greta: what he said today among other things with the press conference he says going forward we will continue to send a clear message the violence must stop. qadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave. where did he get this legitimacy to leave? he took over in 1969 in a
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coup. he's nothing but a violent man. he hangs out with idi amin. he is trying to get chemical weapons. he applauded the murder of sadat in egypt. he has foreign mercenaries killing civilians. he haskered the citizens. -- he massacred citizens. pan am 103 we are leaning it was his idea to kill all those people. now we're talking he's lost his legitimacy to lead. where did he get this legitimacy, i don't get this one? >> he described -- you described accurately his past record. the fact is, it is united states policy for qadhafi to be removed from power. so that means that if we know that qadhafi has the ability to massacre his people from
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the air and we have the capability to try to prevent that, then we ought to move forward with that. i don't understand frankly, the reluctance of people to support such action. i want to mention that if we tell libyan pilots that if you fly, you're putting your life in danger and sooner or later, we are going to shoot you down it is likely they are not going to want to fly. we have bases in italy, a base in sicily. we have a capability and it is complicated, and it is difficult, but we have a capability to at least send the message to these pilots, done fly or you're gonna die. >> greta: that's what the defense department is saying. the re-- the reluctance is that it is a challenge that it is complex. i'm not a military person, far be it for me to tell you or anybody else about the military. i've seen sophisticated pilots, i chased the fa-22 a plane
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that can catch any plane, any time. we do have the finest air force. if this is our policy and we don't want this guy to massacre his citizens, how can this be complicated? >> i agree with the secretary of defense that it is complicated. that it requires a lot of assets. i would remind everyone for 10 years we enforced a no-fly zone over iraq. we do know how to do it. i don't under state the complexies of it. here we are with one of the worst dictators in the world saying he will do whatever is necessary to stay in power, including slaughtering his own people. including message after message coming out of libya. they don't want us to invade. i don't want us to use ground military forces. certainly not something in the scenario in the near future. but, they want us to stop
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qadhafi from attacking them from the air. and we've recently heard from a group that called themselves a provisional government in benghazi that say please impose a no-fly zone i.e. don't let him kill us from the air, if you can prevent it. >> greta: is it we don't want to go alone? if you are sitting in libya tonight worried your president or your leader, your colonel, whatever he is, is going to call out the military or get foreign mercenaries in to kill you, we don't want to do this alone or incapable? everyday matters to them, not so much to us. we are in our homes and save pretty much. but it matters to them on the ground there. >> i think it really matters to them on the ground. otherwise, they wouldn't be calling for us to help them. again, i am very reluctant. in fact, right now for us to have a ground invasion into
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libya. i think we can help with -- huge humanitarian crisis. you think we can help with some covert activities the way we did in the afghan war and other times. everybody says it is a slippery slope. we don't have to get on a slippery slope. i believe sending the message -- remember a couple pilots went to malta and decided to live there rather than bomb their own people. they are facing sooner or later being shot down by vastly superior airpower the united states of america. i think it would have a significant effect on their desire to carry out qadhafi's orders. >> greta: i don't have a lot of time left. i'm curious about your trip to north africa and the middle east. anything you want to tell us that you've learned from this trip? >> we should be excited. we should be exuberant, triumph of these young people
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one of the most incredible experiences that i've ever had. it is fraught with danger by being hijacked by the extremists, either the muslim brotherhood on the one side or old regime on the other. we should be assisting them where they seek our assistance. we should be investing, helping them create jobs. this is an incredible testimony to social networking. most popular man in tunisia today i was told is mr. zuckerberg. what they did was an incredible thing. a young man who graduated from college could not sell fruit and vegetables, prep evented by the police, burned himself to death and that spread throughout the entire region and surprised us all. >> greta: senator, it is so important, i understand to give aid -- humanitarian aid to help create jobs. i know a lot of americans watching at home are thinking, we need money here.
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we need jobs here. how do you explain that we do need to make that investment in these countries that it matters to the people here at home? >> i would love to see our high-tech corporations going there and say create the environment for with us these new governments we'll invest and help you create jobs. that's the long term course of action we need to take. in the short term they need economic assistance. some of the 30 billion dollars of qadhafi's assets could be put in the right direction. >> greta: how do you tell americans instead of keeping that money and those jobs here we should put them there? >> we've always stood for the universality of human rights and we should be proud and help them move into a free and democratic society. second reason is, if this election and others have take iran for the best example is
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hijacked by extremists, it poses a threat to the united states' national security which could be very, very expensive in the long run. >> greta: i wasn't suggesting we should do a ground invasion in libya. i was deeply disturbed at the suffering of these people. >> i'm deeply disturbed at their suffering and i don't understand why we would have any reluctance to try to prevent qadhafi from being able to continue to massacre the people of libya who are standing up for independence and freedom? >> greta: thank you sir, always nice to see you. stunning new developments in a story we have followed closely. do you remember bob levin son? the retired fbi agent who disappeared -- four years ago in iran under the most mysterious circumstances? his wife has been herself times pleading for information. bob levinson may be alive. that is coming up. >> also, hear what the republican senators are now
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doing to the 14 missing democrats in wisconsin? would you have thought of this to force them home? the state senate majority leader tells you how they've made it riskier for those missing democrats. you've never seen fast. you've never held it in your hand, then unleashed it with a fingertip. never watched pixels whip by at 1 ghz and had your neurons struggle to keep up. you've never seen fast because you've never seen this. the droid incredible by htc. it's nothing short of its name. now get the droid incredible by htc for $99.99.
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>> greta: you won't believe this one. bob levinson may be alive. retired fbi agent disappeared in iran four years ago. most except perhaps his family
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had given up hope. they assumed he was murdered. now the stunning news. get ready for this. secretary of state clinton says the united states has received strong intelligence levinson is being held somewhere in southwest asia. secretary clinton is asking the iranian government to do the right thing and return bob levinson to his family. his wife christine said this: our family is tremendously encouraged by the news bob is alive but remains concerned. 11 -- levinson last heard from march 8th, 2007 when he checked into a hotel in iran. keep it here on fox news channel. on the record will bring all the developments as they happen. >> it has happen. they are in contempt. the wisconsin republicans have just carried out their new threat, declaring all 14 missing democratic senators in contempt. in just a short time the 14 missing democratic senators could be picked up by police
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and taken into custody. joining us by phone republican and senate majority leader scott fitzgerald. tell me how this went down this idea of contempt? who came up with the idea and where does it stand? >> we knew it was in the statute we didn't move forward with it until there was a ruling yesterday by a circuit judge in wisconsin that basically said he believes that one of the senators, was clearly in violation of senate rule. however, we had not exhausted everything that was available to us to compel those senators to come back to the body. what we did today was, we put forth a resolution that gave them a specific timeline in which they needed to return to the senate chamber. that came and went at 4 p.m. this afternoon. and as of that timeline being passed, they are now in contempt, as you said. i created an order which is
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similar to a warrant. and that warrant will go out to all law enforcement throughout the state. if one of these senators is identified or is involved in some incident in wisconsin they can be picked up and brought back. >> greta: picked up, is it actually handcuffs and put in the back of a squad car and driven to madison? >> yep, they can be arrested. it is a small provision that is part of the statute that applies to the legislature the assembly and senate. it says that it is our responsibility to make sure that we compel members to be part of the body. right now, i think we're finding ourselves in a constitutional crisis in wisconsin. i don't think there's any doubt about that. one of the branches of government is limping along. as a result of that, we can use anything that is available
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to us. that's what we are doing. >> greta: have you heard through the grapevine or from your democratic colleagues in the assembly, has there been a response from the 14 senators who presumably are are still in illinois? >> all i know is they were aware of the resolution that was passed. i made sure they confirmed to me he's aware of -- i did hear of one other senator in a media report that said he didn't think it was serious. i say bring it on, let's try it if that senator wants to step foot in wisconsin we'll see -- they will understand how serious the contempt charge is. >> greta: a few have tiptoed or sneaked back into the state to do things and then leave. is that right? if so are you waiting at the border between the two states. >> there's no doubt about it that they've been sneaking
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back and forth. some of them being as bold as to stay overnight in their own home. we thought -- this is more about protecting the institution of the wisconsin senate. it is not about the bill. it is not about politics. what has happened is that clearly, they are in violation of not only senate rule but also statute and the constitution. we tried to be measured in the past in our responses. i think my caucus feels like we need to move in this direction to protect the wisconsin senate. >> greta: thank you. love to hear from any democratic senators to find out what they think. coming up you just her from the senate majority leader. there's more news out of wisconsin tonight. this story is developing every minute. we'll take you back to wisconsin for a live report. >> rapidly approaching do-or-die deadline for e nfl season. the deadline was midnight
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>> greta: the 14 wisconsin
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state except are in the hot seat. first they learned they won't get paid. now, in addition to no pay, the democrats will have to pay up. they are each being fined $100 per day. will these tactics be enough to bring them home? good evening. have you heard any reaction? this is another development this $100 fine is that daily they get fined? >> it will be a daily fine it starts tomorrow. with the reaction so far from the senate democrats it is not moving them to come back. there's been a lot of tactics put on them. this does not seem to be compelling them to return to wisconsin. >> greta: first their paychecks are being withheld. then they've got arrest warrants out to pick them up for being in contempt. you've got this $100 penalty. the pressure is being
10:23 pm
ratcheteuhñó is >> absolutely. the contempt charge came today. that was the biggest move yet. they are doing all kinds of things with -- they put republican senators this charge of the democratic staff. they've held out the possibility of revoking parking privileges. they are doing things in big ways and small ways to get them to come back to wisconsin. >> greta: any sort of crack in any of them? each has different issues. one senator is pregnant. is there any indication any one of them is thinking about coming back? >> it is hard to tell. we are in touch with many of them, but not all. republicans say there are many cracks. when you ask the democrats they are saying they are trying to sew seeds of dis . they've been out for 2 1/2 -- seeds of dissention. they've been united they've been out for 2 1/2 weeks.
10:24 pm
maybe there's a deal where people can feel like both sides can claim some sort of victory that may be more successful. for all the pressure they put on the democrats in some i was it makes them want to come home. in other ways it makes ther stronger in their resolve, feeling, they are being bullied that the republicans aren't dealing with them on the issues that are important to them. >> greta: is either side getting outside money from any big national groups to support them? >> well, the fundraising for the democrats has been remarkable. republicans are seeing a lot of support too. a lot of television ads from outside groups in wisconsin backing up both positions. there's a lot of polling. attempts to recall virtually every senator that can be recalled republicans and democrats. there is a ton of activity happening. >> greta: outside of madison, which is an enclave to its own, are you able to gauge the
10:25 pm
people of wisconsin who are they more sympathetic to, republicans or democrats? >> the polls has been good for both sides. governor walker has asked public workers give more to their pensions and health care. the public is supportive of that. at the same time the public has been supportive in polling of leaving intact collective bargaining rights for public workers for the most part, other than on health care and pensions. both sides consider they have the public on their side. >> greta: patrick, thank you. straight ahead, we are hours from the new deadline. will the nfl season be cancelled or not? this involves billions, hundreds of players and tens of millions of fans. yes, you. it could end soon. stick around for our live report.
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>> greta: does president obama think the tea party is racist? our next guest has written a new book and interviewed the president. one topic mentioned, no doubt this is controversial work the president thinks about the tea party. ken walsh is the author. good evening. >> good evening. >> greta: the big controversial, one of the controversial issues is this idea what the president thinks about the tea party. >> this comes from a couple of paragraphs, two paragraphs in the book. in a wide ranging discussion
10:30 pm
of the president's views about race and so on. i refer to a dinner meeting at the white house in may of 2010. in which the president got into a discussion about the tea party, which was then rising in influence around the country. one of the guests at the dinner said that he thought there was a racial element in the tea party objections to president obama and his policies. president obama got into a lengthy discussion about there is still racial problems in the country. he didn't condemn the tea party for being racist but did indicate there were elements as there are in the society at large that were using race in objecting to the president and his policies. that's the essence of that meeting. when i interviewed president obama, i talked to him about the whole racial history and his views on race and run wag he calls a race neutral administration that
10:31 pm
was was a few months before that the tea party had not gained prom innocence this controversy you are talking about now is based on this meeting in may of 2010 at the white house. >> greta: did you get the sense this is a friend or foe? one of those hot button items if we get it in any way wrong we are not fair to everybody involved in the discussion or we take it out of context it is hugely painful. >> i don't want to take it out of context either. i believe this was a friend. somebody that admires president obama. and was trying to draw him into a discussion of what was then happening around the country in the tea party. i want to emphasize that the president did not condemn the tea party for being racist. he did, as i say indicate there was a race element as he said still exists in the country at large. but did indicate there were legitimate grievances that the tea party and a lot of americans had with the idea with where the economy is or
10:32 pm
was the unemployment rate, the deficit the national debt and -qzez issues. i don't want to make it appear that he was being simplistic in describing the tea party. this was part of an extensive discussion. a serious discussion of race and the tea party was part of it. but a small part. >> greta: ken, thank you. there's so much more in your book. we look forward to reading your book. okay, did they create a really bad piece of legislation? senator orrin hatch of utah says yes that's only the beginning. earlier today he went on the record about that and washington's wild spending spree. all right senator, you've been quoted in terms of the health care bill saying that it is an awful piece of crap and a dumb ass program. now how do you really feel about it? >> i guess i should tell you how i really feel.
10:33 pm
it really is a bad piece of legislation, everybody knows that, including the president. don't see why he keeps pushing it. they know it is not going to work. if he gets reelected within a couple of years he will though his hands in the air and say it is not good. >> greta: gao report said recently medicare and medicaid fraud, 48 billion dollars a year in fraud and waste. >> we just had before our committee the two top investigators in this area, they admitted it is much more than that. some have admitted it as high as over 200 billion dollars in fraud and waste. >> greta: some have thought, i know you voted a continuing resolution which struck 60 billion dollars in this year's budget if we recovered the 48, forget the 200 billion dollars that you mention. if we the 48 billion we would
10:34 pm
only need 12 billion in cuts if we find what we are wasting. >> truth to that add that over10 years that's a half trillion. i was looking the other day, there are 20 different homelessness programs. you can extrapolate to the whole bureaucracy. this place has gone out of control. >> greta: nobody has gone after it in earnest. >> these two top investigators over the health care system are trying to go after it. i have to say, they've got 1700 people working for them. they are still finding fraud all over the place. we just have to do a better job. we've got to not have duplicative programs like we have. i have to admit both sides are at fault here. >> greta: i wonder if the american people feel gamed on the numbers. we talk in different numbers.
10:35 pm
we hear a 10 year payment f you want to look small you do it in one year. it has gotten confusing. >> take the health care program, it doesn't trigger until 2014. why? so they could claim it was a little less than a trillion. each state can look at the other states and say i like that idea let's incorporate it in our state. it has become in liberal approach towards everything having to be done by the federal government. it is the worst entity to do all these things. >> greta: is it a management issue? >> i think it is political. i think you have -- look, do you want to know the truth? less than 7% of our private sector union members. they are starting to wake up to the fact that these government sector unions, they are costing them an arm and a leg in taxes and expenses and
10:36 pm
everything else. they are pricing themselves out of the marketplace because the unions control oneç party. that party gets in power next thing you know they are satisfying every union demand they have. the private sector union members of which i was part of at one time, i was a skilled trades millennium. private sector union members are getting dinged an arm and leg for big expensive public sector union costs. >> greta: you have a message for governor walker of wisconsin? >> hang in there scott, we all watching. i think it is really almost unmention able those democrats won't -- unmentionable those democrats won't come back and vote and face the music. most states don't have collective bargaining. the federal government doesn't have collective bargaining, most states -- the reason they don't is because they don't want the people who elect you to be able to demand more and more and more in pensions and other benefits and so forth
10:37 pm
that go beyond what the private sector can afford. like i say, i buy that contrast between private sector and public sector union members sitting in fat cat jobs and benefits, compared to the private sector, who has to pay for it. >> greta: the debt. what are we gonna do about it? >> we to get more fiscal conservatives here, no question. the house now has fiscal conservatives. we've got to get people to understand the truth. they are going to get badgered and beaten up because they trying to get things under control. we've got to have less government. >> greta: can you pick up the phone and call president obama and say we would like to talk off the record, without the cameras? >> i can do that, yes. and i've been down there at the white house and i've made some of these points down there and they ignore them. >> greta: is it ineptitude,
10:38 pm
confidence, greed, selfishness what is it? >> all of the above but it is power hungry. seeking after power and control. >> greta: you think the president is doing that? >> i don't know he's personally doing that. he should be leading. we know to get spending under control, we've got to reform the entitlement programs. >> greta: he says he's concerned -- >> but he's unwilling to lead. >> greta: is he lying when he says that? >> i would never call him that i like the president personally. let me tell you something, it is going to take presidential leadership. there's nobody with any brains that doubts that statement. it will take presidential leadership, up front, and we'll come behind him to get things done if he will lead. it is going to take presidential leadership to lead. will his party allow him? the answer is probably not. he's not leading any way if i was president i'd say look we
10:39 pm
are going to solve these problems and i'm going to lead and we are going to do it in the most reasonable way we can that is not damaging. >> greta: don't you think he thinks he's doing that? >> i believe he's sincere. i believe he's a -- very interesting and i think a good man. i don't think that -- if you really want my opinion, i think that he just doesn't know what to do. some of us would help him to know if he would work with us. i gotta tell ya, i think that's par of it. i think he's inexperienced. we put a man in as president who had two years in the senate the rest of his life was a community organizer. my gosh, that's important. but for president of the united states? he's a likeable guy, articulate, charismatic. good looking person, hand sollman. he's a person you wanna like.
10:40 pm
you want him to be success as the first african-american president and set a wonderful example. but he's not leading, that's the problem. he could have the credit. some of us would help him lead. >> greta: 24 hours from that deadline that involves billions and whether there is an nfl season this august. it is not about money, it is also about your team. will fawn be -- will football be saved? a live report coming up. >> justin bieber and ellen degeneres are helping dozens of barnyard animals. we'll show new minutes. -- we'll show you in minutes. back.
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>> greta: there's much more ahead but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: mazda has a creepy crawlly problem recalling 65,000 vehicles to fix it. spiderwebs to cause ventilation problems in the fuel tank causing a gas leak or fire. the company recalling 50,000 cars from 2009 to 2010 in the united states and 15,000 more in canada, mexico and puerto rico. so far no records of injuries. >> harvard is welcoming the reserve over training corp back, 41 years after throwing it off campus after congress repealed the don't ask don't tell policy.
10:45 pm
harvard and other ivy league schools banned rotc in 1969 because of their with the war in vietnam. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "on the record." for your latest headlines go to >> greta: horrors of arranged marriage where the bride is 13. a missing teen in california found hiding in a motel room. police say the 13-year-old was on the run from her family. police believe she was running from an arranged marriage to take place in pakistan. her stepfather is pakistani. when her family reported her missing last month her mother told police she may have been kidnapped by someone she met on facebook. police checked phone records and computer data and nixed that idea. they questioned the mother and stepfather. the parents denied an arranged
10:46 pm
marriage was set-up. one relative is admitting he or she helped her hide. we are still learning more. stay with fox for the latest. >> now breaking news in the sports world. nfl clock is ticking. in 24 hours we could find out if next year's entire season is cancelled. how is that possible? if owners and players don't reach agreement by midnight friday not just the super bowl but the entire season could be cancelled. right now every fan should be on edge. no one knows what is going to happen. sports i will strayed jim trotta joins us. -- sports illustrated jim trotta joins us. where does it stand? >> it is not 24 hours to negotiate this is 24 hours for the league to prove to the players that it is serious about negotiating flash flood the league doesn't give the union a good faith indication
10:47 pm
it is willing to negotiate in ernest the owners are expected to lock them out and then head to court. >> greta: key issues are the nine billion dollars in revenue. owners want a wage scale for rookies and the issue of extending the up in of games to 18. is the fight over the nine billion or are those other issues imperative, according to the players? >> reporter: it is always about money in the nfl. that's where. owners get one billion dollars off the top each year as an expense credit. they want an additional billion dollars to deal with things what they say the risk of growing the game. the players are saying if the game is in trouble, prove it, open your books. thus far the owners have been unwidlr'g to do that the players say in the second worse in this economy's
10:48 pm
history, revenue and ratings were at an all-time high how can you tell us the game is in trouble. financially? you are tell meg the owners won't even open the books to show whether they need this extra money. they are not budging on that. they won't prove it? >> reporter: no, they are not opening their books. growing the game in the future, stadium construction, media opportunities, international games. they are saying the owners are starting to assume too much of the risk. players are saying if that's true, show us. thus far the owners have been unwilling to do that. >> greta: of course 18 games means greater risk of injury. who are the players negotiating big stars negotiating? >> reporter: if the players decertify and the owners lock them out these players are
10:49 pm
going to start filing lawsuits, claiming anti-trust violations by the owners. the three players who agreed to be in the suit if it goes forward are quarterbacks peyton manning, tom brady and drew brees. >> greta: those are big names. do the owners act worried? who the nervous side in this? >> reporter: i couldn't hear you? >> greta: are the owners nervous? >> reporter: sure i think they should be nervous. not just the suit the potential of losing the anti-trust safety net they have. yeah, they are concerned. they may not say it publicly, but they are concerned. one of the reasons you saw them ask for the extension so they can make progress or prove they want to make progress to get this deal done. remember, we've known for three years that the owners wanted out of this deal. they ratified this agreement in 2006, two years later they
10:50 pm
notified the league they wanted out. here's where we are. >> greta: all right jim, midnight tomorrow night, we'll be watching, thank you. >> is justin bieber starring in charlotte -- charlotte's web or the movie babe? his hair is, sort of. you don't believe where his hair has landed. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy l of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a trip to new orlns twice as fast! bebebebebebaaa!
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. did you hear about justin bieber? his hair is being put to good use on a farm. he recently got a haircut and gave the clippings to ellen as a joke. she put them up for auction. online casino game in which the hair raising amount of $40, 668. we want to know one thing, what do you do with the hair once you buy it? >> here's one young man who learned that honestly -- honest is not on always the best policy. he was stopped we asked if he had been drinking he took a
10:55 pm
can from his car, took a swig and replied yes. he may not be behind the we'll again for a while he also admitted to driving to a suspended license and having marijuana in his car. oops. >> two adorable kittens rescued from behind the wall of a house in florida. the homeowner heard bizarre meowing. she cut a hole reached in and grabbed the kitten. the next day she heard more from the same place. cut a few more holes and pulled out another kitten. luckily, it stopped there. the woman is now looking for someone to adopt these kitties. we wonder if the kittens are good with home repairs? >> there you have the best of the rest. coming up jimmy fallon's impersonation of sheen's bizarre interviews. you've got to see this. it is pretty funny.
10:56 pm
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>> greta: time for last call. charlie sheen had, shall we say, awkward interviews this week, jimmy fallon has his own take. >> duh, winning. i'm a bitching rock star. i'm like zue sn. a speedo. it's charlie sheen. i'm going to embrace my life put both arms around it and love it violently. then defend


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